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Welcome to the "Internet of Things" ( IoT), an emerging world of amazing connectivity between man and machine. From 5G mobile network solutions and the new generation of intelligent HB LED based lighting in our automobiles to Gesture Recognition technology and EMI shielding for our smart phones, our thin film deposition systems enable manufacture of the worlds highest performance optical, optoelectronic and semiconductor devices. Our Advanced Process Control ( APC) technologies enables new level of thin film performance and production yield.

Following the acquisition of Oerlikon Systems in February 2015 we offer complete process solutions in our core markets of Advanced Packaging, Semiconductor ( including Power Devices, MEMS and Wireless Communication), Optoelectronics, and Photonics. Read more about process technologies, and our range of deposition platforms to see how we use our know how across optical , optoelectronics and semiconductor markets to enhance throughput and drive down cost of ownership. " In-situ" capabilities including optical pyrometry, plasma emission monitoring, film stress , electrical property and broadband optical monitoring deliver optimum film performance and production yields for next generation devices.

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Did you know?

Evatec offers large panel processing capability too

The degas, etch and metallization solutions running on our new PNL panel processing tool deliver high yields in Advanced Packaging applications like FOPLP and advanced PCB manufacturing. More>

Evatec supports R&D at universities too !

We offer flexible R&D tools too for universities and research institutes. Find out about the BAK UNI evaporator More>

Even more process solutions for Optoelectronics

From deposition of AlN buffer layers, reflectors, contacts, ITO and encapsulation in LEDs to CsI laters for Digital X Ray technology , Evatec can support you with more production solutions than ever. More>

LLS EVO II offers more capabilities

New cathode technologies, new pumping solutions and new front end robot handling make the LLS EVO II vertical sputter system more productive than ever . More>