Advanced Packaging


From UBM, RDL and Fan-in/out to TSV, Evatec's platforms are designed for volume production at the lowest costs of ownership on 300mm wafers. Reach industry leading levels of throughput of up to 56 wafers per hour ( 56wph) and etch shield kit lifetimes of 10,000 wafers and more in Fan-Out wafer level packaging applications. For FOPLP and advanced manufacturing PCB we offer production solutions on substrate sizes up to 550x550mm.

In EMI shielding of Chips on a package level, Evatec is able to offer production solutions with the step coverage , film adhesion and low process temperatures required to avoid damage at typical throughputs of 20 million chips per month.

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The Evatec Advanced Packaging Process Portfolio

UBM, RDL, Fanout & eWLB
Organic passivated substrates, composite substrates such as silicon on glass or Fan-out Wafer Level Package ( FOWLP) technology pose new challenges in processing UBM and RDL wafers. Evatec delivers dedicated degas, etch and metallization sources that ensure stable contact resistance over extended shield kit lifetimes of 30,000 wafers without any compromise in process quality at throughputs up to 56 wafers per hour in Fan-out applications.

  • DegasTechnology

-Choose from new high pressure or atmospheric batch degasser technology processing up to 44 wafers simultaneously for effective removal of VOCs at moderate temperatures below 150C.

  • Etch and Metallization Technology

-Evatec's latest generation of "Arctic etch " source technology delivers enhanced pumping of remaining volatile components and the required temperature, particle management and cleanliness of the process environment for stable low Rc values at extended shield kit lifetimes.

Panel Processing- FOPLP and PCB Processing
Evatec's batch degas, arctic etch and high uniformity deposition technologies handle highly outgassing organic or glass substrates with ease on substrate sizes up to 550x550mm. Process solutions include high yield deposition of seed and heat spreading layers with strict control of process temperatures and particles.

Through Silicon Via (TSV)
Achieve cost effective barrier/seed lining for TSV with TaN/Ta-Cu or Ti-Cu at aspect ratios of up to 20:1 for emerging 2.5D and 3D-IC wafer level packaging applications. Evatec's Highly Ionised Sputter (HIS) source technology enables deposition of metal barrier and copper seed layers at high deposition rate and long target life.

EMI Shielding- Package Level Processes
Deposition of Cu, Au, St Steel and Ti with outstanding step coverage using Evatec's Penta Plus source technology.

The Evatec Advanced Packaging tool portfolio

  • For wafer level processes choose from the dedicated HEXAGON or the flexible CLUSTERLINE® 300 II platform according to your process requirements and throughput.

  • For fast, efficient chip handling in EMI shielding applications SOLARIS® offers inline processing on carriers. SOLARIS® is available as the S151 variant equipped with 245mm carrier or the S380 variant equipped with 430mm diameter carriers.

  • For panel processing PNL Platforms are ready for substrate sizes to to 550x550mm.

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