We deliver thin film process solutions in our core markets using our competences in evaporation, sputter, PECVD and etch technologies.

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Our UBM and RDL processes in Flip Chip, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) and Fan- in/out Technologies running on CLUSTERLINE and HEXAGON platforms deliver outstanding cost of ownership. Panel processing solutions on our new PNL Platform for FOPLP and advanced PCB manufacturing deliver high yield production solutions for substrate sizes up to 550x550mm, whilst SOLARIS is the perfect platform for wafer level EMI shielding processes. READ MORE

From AR coatings to Multibandpass filters, DBRs and TCOs, Evatec solutions using evaporation or sputter on BAK, MSP, RADIANCE and SOLARIS platforms deliver optical layers that enable high performance optical interference coatings. Core competences in Advanced Process Control technologies using Broadband Optical Monitoring deliver new levels of quality and yield. READ MORE

Know how in deposition processes for piezoelectric materials, aligned magnetics,and dielectrics enable technologies like Thin Film Heads, on chip inductors, sensors and actuators. Evatec's Advanced Process Control technologies enable new levels of yield in advanced manufacturing approaches including Wafer Level Optics and Microfluidics . READ MORE

Evatec delivers “damage free” thin film processes for LED technologies including GaN on Sapphire, GaN on Si and GaN on GaN. Ask us about high throughput deposition of AlN buffer layers, current spreading layers like ITO, metal contacts and high performance reflectors (DBRs ) READ MORE

Our proven portfolio of Front and Backside metallization processes enable Bipolar, MOSFET, IGBT and Wide Band Gap (WBG) Technologies. Capabilities including Thin Wafer Processing, in situ stress control and in situ ohmic anneal that deliver enhanced yields and reduced process times. READ MORE

Evatec’s comprehensive portfolio of deposition processes for metals, contacts and electrodes, piezoelectric materials and dielectrics enable device technologies including HBT on GaAs, HEMT Technology on GaN, IR devices and RF Filters ( SAW & BAW) READ MORE