“Micro-Electro-Mechanical_Systems are based on wafer processing technologies for micro machining and structuring that enable the manufacture of sensors, actuators and energy harvesters. These devices act as the interface between our analog world and its digital representation.

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From the efficient delivery of ink in our printers, to the accelerometers in our car airbags and smart gaming devices, the optical switches in our datacoms networks and the bio sensors that help keep us in good health, we rely on the accurate preparation of microstructured films in a fast and cost efficient way. Evatec evaporation and sputter technology supports the deposition of structured metals, dielectrics, piezoelectric and magnetic materials.

The Evatec MEMS process portfolio

Sensing & Actuating MEMS
Deposition of materials with high piezoelectric coefficient and better electromechanical coupling such as AlN, AlScN or PZT on our CLUSTERLINE® platform supports production of highly sensitive elements or actuators. Forces and displacements of moving structures generate electrical energy and vice versa with highest efficiency. Stress levels remain adjustable and coupling is best in class.

Magnetic MEMS
We deliver proven sputter technology for deposition of the dielectrics, metals and aligned magnetic films needed in Thin Film Head , and niche sensor technologies using CLUSTERLINE® the LLS EVO II. Our BAK Evaporators drive down production costs in metallisation and "lift off" of precious metals stacks Unicalc simulation technology for shaper optimisation enhances throughput and reduces materials consumption.

Optical MEMS
Semiconductor industry precision in wafer handling comes together with Evatec's Advanced Process Control for control of optical layers to enable high yields in manufacture of the the proximity , ambient light and colour rendering management sensors used in todays smart phone technologies. Learn how in-situ reoptimisation offers security in production of complex optical stacks on high value wafers.

The Evatec MEMS tool portfolio

Choose from the BAK Evaporator, the LLS and MSP Vertical Sputter platforms, the RADIANCE sputter cluster or the CLUSTERLINE® cluster platform by clicking on the links below

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