Leading solutions in Photovoltaics & LED

Evatec's proven portfolio of platforms and PVD processes in daily production at the worlds leading LED chip manufacturers increase LED performance and drives down costs per lumen.

Within the Photovoltaic industry our thin film production solutions enable new levels of efficiency and cost reduction for mass production of Si Solar Cells.

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The Evatec LED process portfolio

From the cost effective deposition of the AlN buffer layers on Silicon and patterned Sapphire (PSS), to the deposition of the current spreading, reflector and contact layers or the final SiO/SiN encapsulation layers , Evatec delivers complete production solutions- platforms and processes- for substrate sizes up to 8inch.

AlN on Si or Sapphire
PVD growth of AlN buffer layers on Si or patterned Sapphire (PSS) on CLUSTERLINE® enables subsequent defect free growth of GaN multi quantum wells (MQW) for manufacture of high brightness LEDs (HBLEDs) at reduced cost per lumen.

Current spreading, Reflectors (DBRs) and Metal Contacts
We deliver proven processes for the deposition of TCOs, dielectrics and metals, tailoring our process packages for maximum light extraction according to each individual customers LED package design . Choose from the BAK Evaporator with Autoload cassette-to-cassette handling for 6 and 8 inch or the RADIANCE sputter cluster platform for plasma damage free low temperature processing on GaN. These same technologies also make possible "on chip" optical layer processing too

The SOLARIS is a fully automated "inline" platform offering high throughput SiO/SiN encapsulation processes.

PSS and low temperature PECVD of SiO2
Click here to learn about equipment and processes for PSS processes and PEVCD offered by partner CORIAL.

The Evatec Solar Cell process portfolio

Dielectrics, metals and TCO deposition for Si Solar Cells
The SOLARIS S151 'inline" architecture drives down your manufacturing costs for deposition of backside metal contact stacks for high efficiency PERC, PERT,PERL, IBC and Heterojunction type cells. The flexible system can also be equipped for index matching layers, TCOs and ARs making it the perfect choice for process development too !

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