Evatec delivers complete thin film solutions for high precision (HP) optical layers using evaporation and sputter combined with Advanced Process Control ( APC) technologies.

Our production platforms enable the deposition of filters, ARs, DBRs and other high performance coatings including Hard and Antismudge coatings. Evatec processes enhance the performance of the sensors, cameras and the touch screens of our smart devices, the combiners in our Head Up Displays (HUD) in our cars and provide the right lighting conditions in our operating theatres.

Evatec process capabilities support other applications too, including the manufacture of CsI /TlI based scintillators for high performance digital X ray detectors in medical applications. Evaporation solutions on Evatec's large area BAK1401 and BAV2000 box coaters with custom source technologies deliver precise stoichiometry and columnar layer structures in the films required in scintillator manufacture for digital x ray detectors. To find out more about the range of BAK box coaters at Evatec click here

You can read more about Evatec capabilities in Photonics as part of our full 2018/2019 edition of LAYERS. To view just the Photonics chapter online click here

Advanced Process Control (APC) for High Precision Optical Layers

Evatec production platforms integrate a range of closed loop process control technologies for improved precision and yield:

  • Broadband Optical Monitoring for direct substrate measurement with In-situ reoptimisation for real time recipe adjustment during evaporation or sputter deposition
  • Plasma Emission Monitoring for perfect stoichiometry control and higher throughputs in sputter
  • Optical Pyrometry in evaporation and sputter processes for enhanced temperature control in IR technologies
  • Click here to download the brochure on APC for Optical Thin Films

Optics Tool Box

Optics Tool Box ensures smooth integration all the way from thin film design through recipe generation and coating execution. Reduce your process development times , and increase your throughput.

The Evatec tool portfolio for Photonics

Choose from a number of Evatec platforms according to your process requirements, throughput and factory integration requirements.

  • the BAK Batch Evaporator comes in a range of chamber sizes and offers enhanced PIAD processes with flexibility for frequent changes of materials, substrate size, shape & curvature
  • the MSP batch sputter coater is a dedicated high throughput production platform for high precision optical interference coatings handling a range of substrate sizes up to 560x380mm.
  • the CLUSTERLINE® RAD 8 inch sputter cluster combines batch processing module(s) using customised optical cathode technology with semiconductor industry handling and tracking standards to provide a cassette to cassette solution for technologies like wafer level optics.
  • SOLARIS® offers ultra high throughput in "One Glass Processing" approach for Touch Panel Applications used in our smart phones and tablets. Process solutions are available for the production of contacts, ITO and any index matching layer, plus Antireflection (AR) and Antismudge (AS) coatings on single substrates or mini batches on carriers up to 15inch.

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