Bandpass Filters

Evaporation or sputter platforms with process control technologies for enhanced reproducibilities and outstanding accuracy.

Evatec Bandpass Coatings Knowhow

  • Single and multiple bandpass filters for laser, 3D and photonics applications
  • Enhanced evaporation and sputter technologies for optically and environmentally stable dielectric stacks
  • In situ GSM Broadband Optical Monitoring for layer termination in the most complex stack designs
  • Optics Tool Box for full integration all the way from coating design through recipe generation and final coating execution to save development times and production costs
  • In situ process re-optimisation with mid process recipe adjustments for yield enhancements to new levels in optics production

Select a process tool

Choose from BAK evaporation platforms between 0.5 and 1.4m. Visit the BAK web pages or download the BAK brochure below. Our MSP sputter tool offers edge repeatabilities <0.2%. even when swapping between a portfolio of different processes. Simply take a look at the results .