DLC Coatings

Evatec brings conventional PVD and PECVD processes together in the BAK evaporator to enable high performance protected AR coatings on Si or Ge.

The new way to make DLC Coatings

  • Eliminate the vacuum break required between conventional PVD and PECVD processes
  • Coat batch of all optics together for both processes for best process repeatability
  • Work with reduced process temperatures of 150C for protection of substrates

Prepare your BAK

In addition to installation of a plasma source to run alongside the system e guns, the BAK is equipped with enhanced gas handling and safety systems and Evatec quartz and optical monitoring and control technology. To find out more about DLC in the BAK, view or download the data sheet or contact your local sales office and ask about retrofit options. Visit the BAK web pages , download the BAK brochure , or download information below about Evatec's competences in control advanced control of optical processes