Wafer Level Optics

Evatec brings semiconductor wafer handling capability and precision optics thin film know how together for the perfect production solution

Evatec Wafer Level Optics Know-how

  • Automated wafer handling , tracking and tracebility
  • Enhanced sputter technologies for optically and environmentally stable dielectric stacks
  • In situ GSM Broadband Optical Monitoring for layer termination in the most complex stack designs
  • Optics Tool Box for full integration all the way from coating design through recipe generation and final coating execution to save development times and production costs
  • In situ process re-optimisation with mid process recipe adjustments for yield maximisation handling high added value 8 inch silicon wafers with multiple processing

Select a process tool

We offer two different sputter solutions according to your throughput and fab integration requirements

Choose from two different size MSP Batch Sputter tool platforms with coating areas of 1.5 and 2.2sqm per batch. Visit the MSP web pages and learn about the precision and repeatability available on the MSP . Alternatively, our CLUSTERLINE® RAD sputter tool offers cluster configuration with direct wafer handling, automated flip and cassette to cassette handling for best particle performance.