Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication

From the latest high performance RF switches to the development of the 5G wireless devices our evaporation and sputter platforms support specific thin film processes for wireless communication markets. Best in class thickness and stress uniformities combines with enhanced sources lead to high yields in production for wafer sizes up to 200mm

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The Evatec Wireless Technologies Process Portfolio

Metallization Processes
Evatec platforms for contact and seed layers deliver reduced precious metals consumption . Ask us about Unicalc. Systems with extended throw are optimised for "lift off" process geometries where subsequent film patterning steps call for zero side wall coverage. Options for full cassette to cassette handling for either evaporation or sputter increases yields , and capability for simultaneous processing of different substrate sizes and recipes maximises tool utilisation on CLUSTERLINE® RAD.

SAW and BAW Our thin film processes using evaporation or sputter support the manufacture of existing and next generation low loss RF filters for wireless communication applications. Our BAKs can be custom configured as split chamber extended throw systems for "lift off" or Autoload cassette to cassette handling whilst dedicated cathode technology on our CLUSTERLINE® 200 II platform enables the deposition of piezoelectric materials such as AlN and AlScN with a highest degree of crystal orientation and controlled stress for resonators, reflectors and electrodes.

The Evatec tool portfolio for Wireless Communication

Find out more about the BAK Evaporator, the CLUSTERLINE® RAD, or the CLUSTERLINE® 200 II by clicking on the links below.

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