BAK 1101: Mass production with large batch sizes

Configure the BAK 1101 for precision optics, optoelectronics or semiconductor applications for low cost mass production 7 days a week

BAK 1101 in a nutshell

  • Low cost mass production
  • Large base plate for multiple sources
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Footprint just 6m²
  • Automated Handling Options

Platform overview

Perfect for High Precision Optical Coatings for high rate double sided thick metallization in power electronics using our extended capacity e gun systems, the BAK 1101 offers large capacity but the same easy operation as smaller family members.

Flexibility in Configuration

Available in standard or "lift off" geometries, we can also deliver split chamber versions and variants with assisted loading Ask us too about custom handling solutions for 12 inch substrates and above.

Size and Precision go "hand in hand"

When configured with the Evatec's low maintenance plasma technology, our extended capacity e guns and our GSM Optical Monitoring technology its a perfect tool for mass production of high precision optical interference coatings too.

For more information about the source, configuration and process control options available on the BAK 1101 download the BAK Family brochure below.