BAK 1401: Big really can be beautiful

The BAK 1401 is one of our largest standard systems with a capacity of 47 six inch or 28 eight inch substrates using a full unsegmented dome. For custom applications such as scintillator manufacture in digital X ray detectors we offer custom tooling solutions.

BAK 1401 in a nutshell

  • Ideal for large batch sizes of 6, 8 inch or very large substrate sizes
  • Flexibility for large numbers of sources
  • Custom handling solutions

Platform Overview

The BAK 1401 is truly a giant amongst the BAK range, with flexibility to fit numerous barrel sources, e guns and ion sources all on the same baseplate, all managed through the standard Khan system and process controller.

Precision in volume production

Just like for the other large Evatec evaporator platforms, our source and process control technologies mean that coatings can be produced in bigger batch sizes without compromise in accuracy.

  • Extended capacity e gun systems provide stable evaporation processes for thick stacks and long deposition times. Custom sources e.g. Barrels provide the ideal base for applications like X ray detectors
  • QCM quartz controller technology allows a central 12 way quartz head and 3 additional individual sources to be monitored and controlled simultaneously
  • Large PIAD source technology delivers uniform coverage over large calotte sizes
  • GSM Optical Monitoring provides layer termination using direct measurement on the substrate during deposition itself
  • Evatec's Unicalc simulation technology for shaper optimisation offers optimum distributions and significant consumables cost reduction i precious metals evaporation processes.

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