BAK 501: The small machine for big ideas

With all the same capability as its big brother's but a footprint of only 2m², the BAK 501 is the perfect choice where cleanroom space is at a premium, or substrate sizes and volumes are relatively small.

BAK 501 in a nutshell

  • Low materials utilization
  • Perfect for development and production on small substrate sizes
  • All the capabilities of bigger BAK platforms
  • Custom build versions on request including UHV variants
  • 32 x2 inch, 8 x4 inch or 4 x 6inch substrates per batch

Platform overview

Available in standard, extended throw and split chamber versions, the BAK 501 is the perfect base for customization as a R&D platform before scaling up to large substrate sizes and throughputs. Equip the system today with thermal, e gun or ion sources and rebuild it tomorrow with any of the other sources from the BAK source portfolio. Ask about Evatec engineering support including custom tooling to configure a BAK 501 platform that’s just right for you or download our complete BAK platform overview brochure below.

Big Ideas don't have to cost the earth

Now we can offer the "BAK UNI" too- the latest version of the BAK thats just right for universities and research institutions. Contact your local sales & service representative or complete our Contact Form to find out more.