BAK 641: The compact production workhorse

Select a BAK 641, and you can be sure of a proven production workhorse for precision optics, optoelectronics and semiconductor applications.

BAK 641 in a nutshell

  • Low materials utilization
  • Production on substrate sizes up to 8 inch
  • Space for multiple sources and process accessories

Platform overview

With enough space to fit multiple sources and process accessories including ion sources, front and back side heating systems, the BAK is the perfect choice for deposition of high precision stacks for precision optics and opto electronics. From micro optical components to Laser Bars, the BAK 641 offers plenty of capacity and the capability to fit up to 2 e guns for sequential or co-deposition in dielectrics and metal alloys applications.

Advanced Process Control (APC) brings precision

Just as for the bigger BAK family members, it can be equipped with Evatec's Advanced Process Control ( APC) technologies like Optical Monitoring or "in-situ" film stress measurement to bring new levels of control to your deposition processes. View the short form BAK 641 data sheet online or download the complete BAK Family brochure below with full details of the capabilities of the BAK Evaporator family.