BAK 761: The industry standard

The BAK 761 is the workhorse for optics, optoelectronics and semiconductor applications.

Platform summary

  • Install up to three e guns
  • Manual loading or “cassette to cassette”
  • Standard or extended throw
  • Split chamber and load lock variants

Platform overview

Still the most popular size in the portfolio, the BAK 761 enjoys a worldwide reputation for economical mass production across a whole range of applications demanding coating precision and repeaaibility in large volumes. Whether its “combined dep & etch”, high rate metallization, “lift off” or high stability dielectrics deposition our process specialists have a long track record delivering complete production processes just the way you want them.

Flexibility in configuration

The large baseplate gives huge flexibility in the choice and number of process sources, and the larger batch size means that assisted load options including full automation can start to bring significant benefits in throughput and individual substrate tracking where industry QA systems demand. The BAK 761 is available with all the latest E Gun and GSM Optical Monitoring capabilities., and in "lift off" or custom geometries. For more information about the wide range of geometries, handling, source and process control options for the BAK 761 download our BAK Family brochure below.