BAK 901: Bigger can also be quick !

Process bigger batch sizes without compromise on batch times, film quality and yields.

BAK 901 in a nutshell

  • Fast processing for bigger batch sizes
  • Available in standard and "lift off" configurations
  • Footprint of only 6m²

Platform overview

With batch sizes of 51 and 23 pieces for 4 and 6 inch substrates respectively in standard calotte processing, the BAK 901 offers around 25% more capacity than the BAK 761. A larger baseplate space means the system can be configured with combinations of ion, e gun and thermal sources with plenty of space to spare for easy operator access during replenishment or maintenance.

Handing & Productivity

Enhanced pumping solutions on the BAK 901 mean that batch processing times can be minimised for more batches per day . With longer loading times or heavier loads for manual handling you can also benefit from a number of assisted load options including assisted calotte transfer or fully automatic cassette to cassette handling.

Keeping materials costs down

Reduce your production costs using Evatec's Unicalc simulation software for shaper optimisation and reduced materials consumption.

To see how the BAK 901 fits into the complete BAK Family and find out more about all the source and process control options available download the complete BAK Family brochure below