BAK Assisted Loading

BAKs can be delivered with a choice of assisted loading options that fit your throughput , handling and substrate tracking needs.

Single wafer / carrier transfer via vacuum load

Ideal for smaller size systems with limited substrate capacity, this front side transfer system means the process chamber can be kept under vacuum ready for coatingonce each position in the carrier is loaded. Access to the chamber for maintenance or source replenishment is via the grey room.

Assisted calotte load / unload ( "Lazy Susan" )

The preloaded calotte is transferred through the standard front door at atmosphere. Available across a wide range of system sizes, this system is ideal where loading heights make manual handling more difficult or loaded carriers are heavy to BAK in atmosphere. A second load / unload station can be integrated to reduce overall handling times.

Cassette to cassette ("BAK Autoload")

For wafer sizes up to 8 inch, BAK Autoload completely eliminates manual handling of wafers saving time, eliminating operator errors and reducing costs. BAK Autoload takes care of all necessary steps including wafer alignment for flat or notch, preloading the domes and complete dome exchange through a side port in the coater. Precise control of robot and handling environment avoids potential sources of damage or contamination. Each and every wafer can be tracked through the coating process by position sand dummy or metrology wafers can be included automatically in the loading process.

Cassette to cassette with Load Lock ("BAK Autoload / Loadlock")

Just as the standard Autoload version, a robot system handles all operations but an additional intermediate load lock chamber system means the process chamber can be kept under vacuum, shortens cycle times and increases throughput.

View the online data sheet for BAK Autoload below or download the complete BAK Family brochure below to read more about the capabilities of the BAK Family.