BAK Retrofits / Upgrades

Extend the life and upgrade the performance of your existing BAK by taking advantage of Evatec's retrofit and upgrade service. Download the BAK Retrofit brochure now or read more below for a quick overview.

Platform Control

Replace your BPU100, 420 or 431 based control systems with our robust Khan industrial server with built in RAID. Easy to use and simple to maintain, Khan gives you a single interface integrating all aspects of vacuum, deposition source and process control with quartz or optical monitoring

Advanced Process Control

Choose from a number of process control retrofit options

  • Single, 6 or 12 way quartz heads integrated into Evatec's own QCM controller allowing input from up to 4 quartz heads on a single controller.

  • Broadband optical monitoring using GSM for direct measurement of optical performance in UV, VIS or IR in deposition of high precision optical stacks. Reduce process development times and enhance yields even further with in-situ reoptimisation.

  • Ask about our options for in situ optical pyrometry with direct substrate temperature measurement and control over each heating zone of the coating dome for tighter production tolerances in IR processes.

Upgraded e gun and source options

From wire feeders and plasma sources to custom e gun solutions. , planetary or flip handling systems, achieve higher rates and throughputs or more stable layer. Find out how Unicalc modelling can help you save money with reduced precious metals costs in metallisation or lift off processes.

Want to know more?

To find out more about the complete range of BAK upgrades download / view the brochure below or contact our service department to ask about a range of retrofit options for your specific tool.