BAP Ion Plating

For the highest energy evaporation processes and the most stable optical and optoelectronic thin films available in the BAK range.

BAP Ion Plating in a nutshell

  • High energy vapour flux in range 10-50eV
  • Tuneable film stress in optics and optoelectronics
  • Choice of platform sizes - 800 or 1100

Platform overview

The BAP 801 is a dedicated low voltage ion plating system where evaporant material, plasma source working gas and reactive gas atoms are all ionized and activated into a highly energetic state some 2 to 3 orders of magnitude higher than in conventional evaporation processes. Oxide and nitride films formed under such conditions exhibit excellent mechanical, optical and environmental stability in fibre optics and demanding photonics application. The BAP is powered by Evatec's proprietary plasma source technology, but uses the same e gun and Khan control system technology available on Evatec's BAK platform range.

Advanced Process Control (APC) for Optical Layers

GSM Optical Monitoring for layer termination is available in either monochromatic or broadband mode, while new in-situ reoptimisation technologies take optical layer control to a new level by providing real time mid process recipe tuning for tighter production tolerances in complex filter designs.

Download the BAK Family brochure below to get an overview of source , system control and handling options available for your BAP but for specific information about process results please contact your local sales & service organisation