BAV 2000

A largest standard high capacity system customised just for you

The BAV 2000 - Be ambitious in your production

  • Includes the latest high efficiency pumping solutions for fast cycle times
  • Let your imagination be your guide

Platform overview

The BAV 2000 offers the potential to process 256x4", 114x6" or 65x8" substrates in a single batch but offers a whole host of additional possibilities for large area processing using custom tooling engineering solutions e.g. for digital X ray detector applications available through Evatec

Precision in volume production

Just like for the other large Evatec evaporator platforms, our source and process control technologies mean that coatings can be produced in bigger batch sizes without compromise in accuracy.

  • Extended capacity e gun systems or barrel sources provide stable evaporation processes for thick stacks and long deposition times
  • QCM quartz controller technology allows a central 12 way quartz head and 3 additional individual sources to be monitored and controlled simultaneously
  • Large PIAD source technology delivers uniform coverage over large calotte sizes
  • GSM Optical Monitoring provides layer termination using direct measurement on the substrate during deposition itself
  • Evatec's Unicalc simulation technology for shaper optimisation offers optimum distributions and significant consumables cost reduction i precious metals evaporation processes.

Click on the links below to view the online BAV 2000 data sheet or download the pdf of the complete BAK Family brochure.