Custom build - A BAK that’s built just for you

Need a special chamber size, a special source or a tooling solution or a system suitable for R&D

Custom build: in a nutshell

  • Access our design and mechanical engineering teams to design a custom chamber configuration
  • Develop new sources and process control techniques through our applications specialists
  • Configure a research tool for your University or Industrial Research Institute

The sky is the limit

With a host of options for special geometries, source designs and process control techniques we hope you will find something within our standard portfolio to meet you needs, but with over 2000 systems delivered around the globe, we have access to a whole history of custom mechanical engineering solutions and special source designs. We can put together a custom BAK design that’s just right for you. The BAK UNI is just one example of an Evatec system focused specifically on the needs of Universities and Industrial Research Institutes

Contact us to ask about our approach to custom build and find out more about BAK UNI capabilities and options.