"Lift Off" Systems

Evatec 'lift off' systems have extended throw for process geometries where subsequent film patterning steps call for zero side wall coverage.

Extended throw benefits in a nutshell

  • Best control of 'lift off' processes
  • Retention of full chamber flexibility for any future process requirements

"Lift Off" systems overview

Evatec 'lift off' systems use all the proven source and process control components of our standard throw platforms such as our EBS E gun technology and our Khan system and process controller but have lowered source chambers according to calotte geometry and substrate size to achieve the correct working distances required during evaporation. They are available in a wide range of platform sizes.

Just like standard throw systems however, "Lift Off" systems can also be specified in Split Chamber format or to incorporate one of a number of Assisted Loading options .

But there's more!

Ask about Evatec’s custom engineering solutions with interchangeable or motor driven tooling enabling both standard and "lift off" processes to be run easily in the same chamber as well as chamber extensions to run "in situ" high unformity etch prior to dep.