"Split Chamber" systems

Evatec "Split Chamber" systems integrate a valve between source and substrate chamber, allowing the sources to be to be kept 'ready' under vacuum during main chamber vent and substrate load/unload.

Split chamber benefits in a nutshell

  • Ultra-stable source performance
  • Shortened batch times for enhanced throughputs
  • Ideal for doping processes, handling of reactive or sensitive coating materials

Split system overview

"Split Chamber" systems are already a well proven Evatec part of the BAK family. They use proven EBS E Gun technology and our Khan system and process controller. Taking the best from our 'Samson' platform, our new generation systems make life even easier with slide out source chambers for rapid refill and maintenance, a wider range of source technologies like extended capacity e guns or effusion cells, and the most accurate quartz and GSM optical monitoring control techniques ever with 'on line re-optimisation' mid process for the most demanding thin film stack designs.