Taking Evaporation to New Performance Levels

Set up new processes in your BAK more quickly, reduce materials consumption in production , and improve process performance using Evatec's "Unicalc" simulation software.

The UNICALC Advantage for the complete BAK range

  • Achieve best shaper design for your materials and processes without multiple set up runs
  • Reduce shaper area to achieve higher deposition rates, shorter processes and enhanced throughput
  • Use less materials in high rate metallisation- save precious metals and reduce recycling costs
  • Enhance uniformity control for high precision dielectric layers

Unicalc Overview

Available across the whole BAK platform range, Unicalc helps you optimise evaporation performance and reduce your costs for optical, optoelectronic or semiconductor processes. Unicalc takes details of your coater geometry, source types/ location and evaporation materials. Then it works out the best shaper design without the need for multiple, costly test runs. Use Unicalc to improve your process performance in just the way you want- perhaps you want to Improve coating uniformity, reduce materials consumption or increase deposition rates according to your production needs. Simply contact your local Evatec representative to find out more