CLUSTERLINE® are a family of platforms with cluster architecture and cassette to cassette handling offering proven production solutions across all 6 Evatec core markets.

Whatever your application, our specialists can help you configure an ideal CLUSTERLINE® platform for you- from the deposition of highly aligned magnetic films to high performance piezoelectrics like AlScN for broadband RF filters and highly efficient energy harvesting devices, to high aspect ratio TSV metallization in Advanced Packaging or precise deposition of TCOs multilayer dielectrics for the latest micro LED and 3D filter technologies .


High volume 200 and 300mm single wafer processing platforms enabling integration of PVD, highly ionised PVD, Soft Etch and PECVD process technologies

Proven PVD Knowhow

Proven process capabilities in LED, Wireless, BAW/SAW, Thin Film Head, MEMS, Backside metallization and thin wafer processing, Wafer Level Packaging and IC Interconnects including:

  • All process steps in single process modules
  • Integration of extensive pre and post treatment steps just as you need them
  • Advanced vacuum, wafer handling and "in-situ" alignment for the most accurate wafer placement in the industry
  • Direct thin wafer handling down to 70microns and 6mm bow , with carrier solutions for even thinner wafers
  • Bridge or Split Tool Capability


PVD & Soft Etch processing in batch process module(s) with carrier or direct wafer handling for substrate sizes up to 200mm


From plasma damage free deposition of TCOs, DBRS and contacts on GaN in LED production to the highly repeatable deposition of single double sided coatings for Gesture Recognition for the next generation smart phones ,CLUSTERLINE® RAD offers proven capability in deposition of thin film stacks with precise control over stoichiometry and refractive index including:

  • Batch process module technology as standard
  • Flip system for double sided coating without vacuum break
  • Direct wafer or carrier handling for rapid switch between or simultaneous processing of different form factors
  • “In situ” process control techniques including Broadband Optical Monitoring and Plasma Emission Monitoring and to increase throughput, raise yields and lower production costs in Optical Interference Coatings in Photonics.

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