The industry proven CLUSTERLINE® 300 II cluster platform allows easy tool configuration for PVD, highly ionized PVD, and Soft Etch for wafer sizes up to 300mm.

Choose CLUSTERLINE® 300 II for Wafer Level Packaging, Backside Metallization/Thin Wafer Processing.

  • Download or view the brochure online below to get more details about hardware and production processes available on CLUSTERLINE® 300 II.


  • Thin wafer handling capability down to 300 μm and wafer bow up to 4mm; carrier solution for thinner wafers
  • 200/300mm bridge or split tool compliant
  • Integration platform with eight ports for two cassette stations and up to seven process modules
  • New Degas and Artcic dome etch technology for handling strongly outgassing organic substrates in WLP applications

Atmospheric Front End- Class 1 Mini Environment

  • Load Port Modules with 300mm FOUP load ports or open cassettes for 200mm
  • Wafer aligner for rotational pre-alignment (0.3°) and centering of wafers (0.05mm)
  • SCARA robot options with 3-axis to 5-axis
  • Wafer flip station for back side metallisation and buffer station for up to 6 wafers


  • Magnetically driven robot system with dual bi-symmetric arms
  • Production-proven wafer handling and processing capability for wafer thickness
  • Most accurate wafer placement and automatic wafer alignment correction under vacuum

Process Modules / Components

  • Degas Module or Radiation Degasser
  • ICP soft etch module - SiO2 removal rate, 0.6 - 0.8 nm/sec
  • Highly ionized PVD source for high aspect ratio TSV applications - mainly for 3D packaging
  • Controlled chuck temperature from -30 up to 500°C
  • Metal or ceramized chuck with mechanical wafer clamping
  • ESC or clampless chuck with shadow mask
  • Clamped chuck configuration with gas conduction back side heater/cooler for precise temperature control and chuck RF Bias
  • ARQ 310 DC or pulsed DC sputter source with uniformity compensation over target life
  • Multisource with rotating chuck - up to 4 RF or DC sources on one module for single or co-sputter
  • Optional APC with fully integrated Pyrometer and process gas monitor
  • Optimized configuration for Organic/mold substrates
  • ICP soft etch process module with MF Plasma enhanced RF Etch enabling high etch rate and excellent uniformity at low bias voltages. Reactive processing with H2, N2 and O2 is available
  • Cooled Metal Cage (Ice Dome) and arctic chuck cooling down to -30°C, enabling highest kit life in the etch module for organic wafers like PI or PBO
  • Atmospheric Batch Degasser with 44 slots for strongly degassing Advanced Packaging Substrates