CLUSTERLINE® RAD - Sputter Cluster

Choose CLUSTERLINE® RAD for its automated batch processing capability in LED, MEMS, Wireless and Photonics.

  • Download or view the brochure online below to get more details about hardware and production processes available on CLUSTERLINE® RAD.


  • Configured with Batch Process Modules ( BPM) with up to 4 sputter stations and 1 degas / etch position
  • Direct substrate or carrier handling for rapid exchange between substrate formats for flexibility and maximum tool utilisation.
  • Flip system for double sided coating without vacuum break


-4 sided platform as standard for Integration of BPM with dual load lock at front end.
-Soft etch, heating and cooling capability to enhance your layer quality or protect your substrates.
-Fully "Semi" standards compliant handler compatible with integration of wafer aligner

Process Module / Components

  • BPM with adjustable source to substrate distance, customised chuck and clamp designs e.g. edge grip or full face deposition and heating up to 350C
  • Upstream or downstream process gas control
  • Rotating target technology for high rate and high uniformity in optical interference coatings

Advanced Process Control (APC)

Here are just some of the “in-situ” techniques available on CLUSTERLINE® RAD according to the application and process

  • Plasma Emission Monitoring (PEM) for correct stoichiometry in reactive oxide processes
  • Broadband optical monitoring (GSM) with in situ reoptimisation for the most accurate layer end point termination and overall control of optical performance of optical stacks