HEXAGON is a dedicated wafer level packaging platform for volume production at the lowest cost of ownership. Process 300 or 200mm organic passivated wafers at typical throughputs of 45Wph without downstream contamination. HEXAGON is the production platform that puts you ahead in UBM, RDL, TSV and Fanout

High Throughput with Reduced Cleanroom Footprint

  • Parallel wafer transfer by synchronous indexer enables high speed wafer processing
  • Shield kit lifetimes of > 10000 wafers with enhanced uptime and reduced maintenance
  • Footprint less than 10 square metres

Proven Knowhow in Degas, Etch and Metals Deposition

  • Dedicated degasser options for all WLP processes including Fanout - Chuck, High Pressure or Batch.
  • Arctic IP etch capability
  • Pulsed DC or Highly Ionised Sputter ( HIS) source technologies.

Evatec Platforms for UBM, RDL and Fanout

HEXAGON is not the only production platform equipped with specific features for running UBM, RDL and Fanout processes. You can also choose CLUSTERLINE® 300 II too. To find out more about the process capabilities of each platform click on the links below, or download the brochures.


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