HEXAGON - Your Advantage in Advanced Packaging

The single wafer sputtering tool specifically designed for wafer level packaging and backside metallisation. Enjoy stable Rc processes with extended shield kit lifetimes of 10K on a platform with the smallest footprint in the industry

  • Download or view the brochure online below to read about HEXAGON'S hardware and process capabilities


  • The production tool for all current WLP (UBM, RDL, TSV, Fan-out) and BSM
  • Designed for processing organic passivated substrates
  • Easily configurable for 300mm and 200mm wafers
  • Temperature controlled process chambers
  • New high pressure and atmospheric batch degasser modules

Atmospheric Front End

  • Up to four load port modules
  • 300mm FOUP load ports or 200mm open cassette
  • Dual End-Effector SCARA Robot
  • Buffer station for up to 12 wafers
  • Integrated Wafer Aligner & Wafer flip station for back side metallization


  • Synchronous indexer for high speed processing
  • Five process module ports
  • Cryogenic water trap pumps
  • In-chamber wafer position monitoring
  • Powered source handling for easy access and operation by single operator

Process Modules / Components##•

  • Full process isolation
  • Hot chuck Degas Module or Radiation Degasser
  • ICP soft etch module- SiO2 removal 0,6 – 0,8 nm/s
  • Chilled ICP reactor dome down to -30°C
  • ARQ310 DC or pulsed DC sputter source with uniformity compensation over target life
  • Highly ionized PVD source technology for high aspect ratio TSV applications mainly for 3D packaging
  • Controlled chuck temperature from -30 to 300°C
  • Metal or ceramized chuck with mechanical clamping, ESC or clampless chuck with shadow mask
  • Clamped chuck configuration with gas conduction back side heater/ cooler for precise temperature control and c buck RF bias
  • Drop-in shield kits with lifetimes of 10,000 wafers