View the new LLS vertical load lock sputter tool brochure to see how its packed with new features for better uniformity, higher throughput and even lower materials costs.


  • Process flexibility: DC, RF, RF/DC combined, DC pulsed, co-sputtering up to three cathodes
  • Degas and etch in load chamber isolates process chamber from contaminants
  • Easily convertible to various substrate sizes within 5 minutes

Source Capabilities

  • High process flexibility- 5 sources with moveable shutter configurable for DC, RF, pulsed or RF/DC
  • Deposition of metals, dielectrics, TCOs and aligned magnetic film
  • Co-sputtering or continuous phasing


  • Easily convertible for different substrate sizes and shapes within 5 minutes
  • Full face deposition or customized edge exclusion, edge masking, shadow masking

  • Batch capacity: ◦ Standard wafer: 2”x 132; 3”x 72; 4”x 36; 5”x 30; 6”x 12; 8”x 9 ◦ Pieces of substrates up to max. 200 x 230mm (9 per batch)

Substrate Thickness

• 2” ≤ 16mm, 3” ≤ 14.5mm, 4” ≤ 13mm, 5” ≤ 11mm, 6” ≤ 8.5mm, 8” ≤ 1.3mm

Substrate Handling

  • Substrate handling at atmosphere
  • Manual or fully automatic 6-axis Robot cassette-to-cassette handling (CTC)
  • Either full face deposition on 125mm, 150mm and 200mm substrates (upon request for 2”, 3” and 100mm substrate diameters) or masked deposition for 200mm substrates
  • Barcode reader optional