LLS Retrofits

Extend the life and upgrade the performance of your existing LLS EVO & LLS EVO II by taking advantage of Evatec's retrofit and upgrade service. Download the LLS Retrofit brochure now or read the summary below for a flavour of whats inside the brochure.

Adding Process Capabilities

Learn about oval target technology that reduces your materials costs and particles, or choose from Evatec alignment technology options for the deposition of aligned magnetic films.

Increasing Process Reliability

Enhance your LLS for automated substrate and mask handling with the latest options.

Increasing LLS throughput

Find out about our high energy cathode technology and tailored magnet systems for increased deposition rates.

Extending System Lifetime

Read about control system and other component modernisation options to replace obsolete parts, improve uptime and extend system life.

Custom Solutions

Our engineering team is ready to support you with custom engineering services like tooling design and manufacture.

Want to know more?

To find out more about the complete range of LLS EVO upgrades download / view the brochure below or contact our service department to ask about a range of retrofit options for your specific tool.