MSP1225: Useable area 1.5 SQM / batch

Rapid process development and outstanding process repeatability for hard, durable coatings in optical and optoelectronic applications.

MSP in a nutshell

  • Substrate sizes up to 380 x 380mm
  • Up to 6 sputter cathodes
  • Flip system for double sided coating without vacuum break
  • Optional integration of plasma source for pre cleaning or new process technologies like DLC
  • Rapid exchange of substrate tooling for different sizes
  • No temperature and environmental shift

Platform overview

Using Evatec’s proven rectangular cathode technology and Khan system and process controller the MSP1225 handles up to 24 substrates 136X180mm in a single batch. The system design is optimized for mass production with with high rates, a usable coating area of 1.5m2