PNL Platforms


Evatec's PNL platforms are flexible large area cluster tools for single panel processing of substrate sizes of 550mm x 550mm. They integrates degas, etch and deposition capabilities for Advanced Packaging applications including Fan-Out Panel Level Processing (FOPLP) and advanced PCB manufacturing.

Panel handling at its best

  • Safe handling of large area substrates including an atmospheric front end with alignment and custom quality control integration
  • Static panel etch and deposition processes for best particle control
  • Modular approach with simple access and long maintenance intervals for process sources

Proven Know-how in Degas, Etch and Metals Deposition

  • Leveraging Evatec know-how in low temperature processing of highly outgassing substrates with atmospheric batch degas and arctic etch technologies.
  • Rotating target and moving magnet sputter technologies for high uniformity large area deposition
  • Low temperature processes including deposition of AlN heat spreading layers.

How do i find out more about Evatec platforms for Advanced Packaging?

The PNL is one of several solutions available for Advanced Packaging applications including the dedicated HEXAGON or the CLUSTERLINE® 300 II . To find out more about each platform click on the links below.

Want to ask a specific question?

If you would like to ask specific questions about HEXAGON, CLUSTERLINE® or PNL and their process capabilities please contact your local sales & service representative or complete our Contact Form