PNL 500 - Bringing precision in handling and deposition for high yield panel processing

PNL 500 is designed for high throughput PVE and PVD processes on large area substrates with safe, secure handling and industry leading production yields.

You can read more configuration details for the PNL 500 below, You can also contact us to get your copy of our Panel Processing capability brochure and more details about the PNL 600.

PNL 500 Highlights

  • Flexible cluster architecture for single panel processing
  • Processing of glass or highly outgassing organic substrates
  • Panel sizes of 550x550mm
  • Static substrate processes for lowest particle counts
  • Process know-how including FOPLP and Advanced PCB manufacturing

PNL 500 Atmospheric Front End

  • Up to four load port modules with atmospheric robot
  • Integration of Atmospheric Batch Degassers for efficient pre-processing of highly outgassing substrates
  • Integrated Aligner & customer specific requirements like Deionizers and Electrostatic sensors

PNL 500 Platform

  • 5 sided vacuum transport module with vacuum load lock
  • Up to 4 process modules for PVE or PVD processes

PNL 500 Process Modules / Components

  • Full process isolation
  • Atmospheric Batch Degasser(s)
  • Arctic etch technology for highly outgassing substrates
  • Highly uniform, scaleable etch and sputter technologies
  • Custom low temperature processes including AlN deposition

Want to know more about PNL 500 or PNL 600?

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