Evatec offers a range of platform architectures equipped with evaporation, sputter , etch and PECVD source technologies according to application, substrate format and throughput requirements

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BAK EVAPORATOR- Flexible Platforms from 0.5 to 2.0m
Choose from standard, long throw and split chamber architectures with options for full automation with “Autoload” , Find out how our source technologies for enhanced layer quality and how Advanced Process Control (APC) techniques can help you increase your yields. READ MORE

CLUSTERLINE® - A family of cluster platforms
The CLUSTERLINE® 200 II and 300 II are high volume single wafer processing production solutions enabling integration of PVD, highly ionised PVD (HIS) , Soft Etch and PECVD process technologies. Choose CLUSTERLINE 200 II and 300 II for proven handling of thin wafers and proven PVD production knowhow including Wireless, BAW/SAW, Thin film Heads, MEMS, Backside Metallisation and Advanced Packaging. READ MORE

The CLUSTERLINE® RAD is a 200mm sputter cluster platform integrating batch process module technology for high throughput deposition of TCOs , multi metal layers and high accuracy dielectrics for complex optical stacks in Photonics, HBLED, and Optical MEMS. READ MORE

HEXAGON – Your advantage in Advanced Packaging
From UBM and RDL to TSV and Fanout, Evatec’s Hexagon is dedicated to volume production at the lowest cost of ownership. Process organic passivated wafers at typical throughputs of 45wph without downstream contamination and enjoy strict process chamber and wafer temperature control.READ MORE

LLS EVO II- Vertical sputter for Metals, TCOs and Magnetics
LLS EVO II is a load lock system with a proven track record across metals, TCOs and aligned magnetic films. Rapid exchange between substrate sizes up to 200x230m and high speed loadlock pump makes the LLS a flexible, high throughput production tool. READ MORE

MSP SPUTTER- Mass Production in Photonics
The MSP batch sputter coater family delivers new performance levels in sputter mass production for Photonics. Evatec APC technology delivers accuracy and environmental stability in complex optical stacks over substrate sizes up to 560x380mm READ MORE

THE PNL- For emerging Panel Processing applications
Evatec's PNL platforms are flexible large area cluster tools for single panel processing of substrate sizes of 550mm x 550mm. They integrates degas, etch and deposition capabilities for Advanced Packaging applications including Fan-Out Panel Level Processing (FOPLP) and advanced PCB manufacturing.READ MORE

SOLARIS®- Fully automated solutions in thin film deposition
SOLARIS platforms deliver high speed deposition of metals, dielectrics, oxides and TCOs on substrate sizes up to 15 inch diagonal. Full integration into automated fab lines enables handling of rigid or flexible substrates at throughputs up to 900 substrates / carriers per hour eliminating operator costs in high throughput applications like PV, Touch Screen and EMI shielding.READ MORE