Batch processing capability on RADIANCE offers high throughput in deposition of metals, dielectrics and TCOs on substrate sizes up to 200mm

Reducing cost of ownership in LED, Photonics and Wireless

From plasma damage free deposition of TCOs, DBRS and contacts on GaN in LED production to the highly repeatable deposition of single double sided coatings for Gesture Recognition or 3D imaging for the next generation smart phones , RADIANCE offers proven capability in deposition of thin film stacks with precise control over stoichiometry and refractive index

The RADIANCE Advantage

  • Casette to cassette processing for elimination of manual loading and increase in yield
  • Flip system for double sided coating without vacuum break
  • Semi standard substrate / wafer handling and tracking
  • Batch processing as standard with optional integration of single process modules.
  • Flexible handling- Direct wafer or carrier handling for rapid switch between different form factors
  • “In situ” process control techniques including Broadband Optical Monitoring, Plasma Emission Monitoring and In situ stress measurement to raise yields and lower costs in Optical Interference Coatings.
  • For universities and research institutes there is also a compact flexible "SPM" R&D version with manual transfer of substrates to a process chamber with 4 individual cathodes for sequential or co-sputter

Want to know more?

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