SOLARIS® platforms combined the knowhow from delivering over 5000 high speed optical disk systems with experience gained from over 3000 semiconductor PVD tools to deliver a new approach in thin film mass production. With their "inline" architecture, SOLARIS® platforms are designed for "fully automated fabs" increasing throughput and eliminating manual handling. From Touch Panels to EMI Shielding, Thermoelectric Generators, Power Devices and Photovoltaics, the S151 and S380 platforms offer flexible high speed manufacturing solutions for rigid and flexible substrates.

Proven Handling

  • Full integration in automated fab lines eliminates operating personnel and reduces costs
  • Direct thin wafer or carrier handling for mini batches without compromise in process quality
  • Simple conversion between rigid, 2.5D substrates and foils

Proven PVD Knowhow

  • Sputter of dielectrics, metals, metal oxides and TCOs
  • Anireflection and Antismudge Coatings

The SOLARIS® Family

Choose from the SOLARIS S151 configured for substrates up to 8inch diagonal or the S380 configured for substrates up to 15 inch diagonal . To find out more about the capabilities of each platform click on the links below and download the brochure

Still want to know more?

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