SOLARIS® S380 - 15 inch processing at up to 900 substrates per hour

Designed for flexible or rigid substrate sizes up to 15 inch for typical applications including Touch Screen, Solar Cells and EMI Shielding, the SOLARIS® S380 offers sputter, heating / annealing and CVD technology on a single platform.


  • Up to 5 process stations for RTP, PVD, Etch or CVD
  • Direct substrate handling or carriers for mini batches with no compromise in process quality -Easy integration into automated fab lines
  • "Penta Plus" cathode technology for high throughput EMI shielding applications demanding films with precise step coverage


  • Quick change over from one substrate size to another with carrier system
  • Carrier loading / unloading included in the machine design
  • Small footprint and low operating costs
  • Flexible configurations allowed - each process station is separated from the other
  • Multi layer capability – each chamber can operate different processes and deposit different materials
  • Multi Source Sputtering – alloy development with up to 4 different materials
  • Substrate rotation during sputtering ensures layer uniformity better than ±2%
  • Max. coated area up to 380mm diameter
  • Film annealing with heater up to 550°C
  • Surface cleaning and activation by etching
  • Easy integration into fab automation
  • Total down time for target and shield change max. 60min