Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control

APC "raises the bar" in delivery of high performance thin film processes

APC brings semiconductor industry manufacturing precision to the production of next generation "wafer level optics" for smart phones or the layer control techniques used for critical optical processes to control the refractive index, thickness and surface quality of the layers required for the next generation of RF or solid state lighting devices.

Evatec's control technologies set new standards in process control through "in situ" capability for control of mechanical, optical and electrical properties during the deposition cycle. Use our "in situ" techniques to reduce your process development times, enhance your yields or increase tool throughput. To see how APC supports you in deposition of Optical Interference Coatings on Evatec platforms click here to download the brochure.

Layer Thickness Control
Find out how Evatec Evatec's quartz and optical monitoring with "in-situ" reoptimisation offer sucure production control in deposition of precious metals and complex dielectric stacks on high value substrates.

Stoichiometry Control
From co- evaporation of metal alloys to sputter of dielectric layers we offer control technologies to ensure the correct stoichiometry and refractive index at the highest deposition rates.

Film Stress Measurement
Available on both our evaporation and sputter tools, using the know how gained from "in situ" stress measurement enables management of bending during deposition on thin wafers and optical substrates or the deposition of thick stacks without cracking. Contact Us to find out more

Electrical Measurements
4 point probe technology is available in situ to check the layer performance in selected sputter platforms during the deposition cycle. Contact Us to find out more.

Unicalc shaper meodelling cysts your materials costs and increases your throughputs in evaporation processes on our BAK platform.