In-Situ Reoptimisation

In-situ Reoptimisation is an online production tool that reviews your optical thin film deposition processes as they happen, adjusting remaining layers to ensure the final optical film stack is exactly as you intended. Use it to eliminate scrap in case of unexpected process interruption by recovering your process, save process development time for new designs and enhance your yields.

In-Situ Reoptimisation in a nutshell

  • Fully automated process, no increase in process times
  • Optimises yields for complex stack designs
  • Recovers production batches after unexpected process interruptions in case of services failure e.g. cooling water
  • Available on BAK Evaporator, MSP Sputter and CLUSTERLINE® RAD Sputter Cluster Platforms with Evatec Optics Tool Box
  • Available for double sided optical coatings using flip tooling

In-Situ Reoptimisation overview

Real time optimisation uses in situ GSM Broadband Optical Monitoring not just during the deposition of every layer to determine end point but also at the end of every layer. The actual optical performance after layer termination is compared with the precalculated and in the case of deviation greater than levels set by you the remaining coating recipe is adjusted to bring the process back on track. Reoptimisation is repeated after each and every layer until the whole stack is complete. View or download the brochure to see the results