Optical Monitoring

Optical control technologies for precise control of thin film performance

From the high reflectivity DBR mirrors required for maximising light output in our HBLEDS to the new gesture recognition & 3D sensing technologies for our next generation smart phones, our world relies on the cost effective deposition of accurate optical interference coatings. Within our next generation mobile networks and power devices too, thin film processes increasingly call for deposition of custom dielectric stacks at accuracies which traditional control techniques can't achieve

GSM Optical Monitoring is the solution

With GSM 1101 versatility comes as standard. It uses direct measurement of film optical performance in the UV, VIS or IR as a control technique . It can be configured for monochromatic or broadband operation, indirect measurement on test glasses or direct (broadband) operation with measurements on the actual substrates and can be integrated on a number of Evatec's evaporation or sputter platforms.

Here are just a few GSM1101 benefits

Real time optimisation during production can increase repeatability and yield for even the most complex optical layers. Evatec's Optics Tool Box package integrates QSK or GSM control technology, the coater, a strategy generator and thin film design software to offer seamless development of new optical film processes in shorter times and at lower cost.