"Optics Tool Box" does the work for you

Integrate all your optical thin film processes

Optics Tool Box makes your life simple. It integrates all your optical thin film development processes from initial design, through strategy development for optimum termination of each layer, generation of the actual coating recipe and finally coating execution itself on the coating tool. Its available for our BAK evaporation and MSP or RADIANCE Sputter Platforms

  • Work with industry standard thin film design software (FilmstarTM, OptilayerTM, or Essential MacleodTM )
  • Eliminate translation errors during each step
  • Reduce set up costs and increase throughput

Need to develop complex coatings or work with tight tolerances?- No problem !

Now our systems check the optical performance in situ after every layer with our GSM Optical Monitor and adjust the downstream process to ensure the end optical stack performance matches theoretical design even more closely. See how you can save time and costs with "In situ reoptimisation". Click here to learn more.

  • Make new processes possible
  • Reduce development times and optimise yields
  • Recover processes after unplanned downtime (eg power outage)

Click here to read more about GSM Optical Monitoring or view the GSM brochure on line below.