Etch & PIAD Technology

Etch and or PIAD capability is available for integration on every platform in the Evatec portfolio.

From metals etch, and high throughput processing of organic substrates in Fanout wafer level or panel level packaging (FOWLP and FOPLP) to the deposition of thick optical stacks with outstanding adhesion, Evatec delivers custom source and processes for etch and PIAD. Here are just a few examples of Evatec capabilities.

Metals Etch

“In situ” etch and dep is available on the BAK Platform . Within the LLS EVO II vertical sputter platform, the load lock chamber can be fitted with degas, heating and RF or ion beam etch for pre cleaning and improved film adhesion. On CLUSTERLINE® 200/300 our advanced backside metallisation processes on thin wafers include pre etch with control of stress and temperature management for high quality ohmic contact formation without wafer bow or warp

Advanced Packaging

Dedicated ICP Arctic Etch technology available on CLUSTERLINE® 300 II and HEXAGON platforms uses cold ICP reactor technology in combination with degas and sputter technologies to achieve stable contact resistance (Rc) values on highly outgassing organic substrates in typical applications like FOWLP. Evatec's PNL Platforms leverage know how from wafer level applications to bring capability in FOPLP and advanced PCB processing.

PIAD for stable dielectrics

Source technologies on the BAK Evaporator, the CLUSTERLINE® RAD sputter cluster and the MSP Vertical Sputter in combination with Advanced Process control technologies like Optical Monitoring, Plasma Emission Moinitoring and the In-situ reoptimisataion enable the deposition of stable complex optical layers by evaporation or sputter

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