Evaporation Technology

Evaporation Technology

Choose from a whole range of standard and custom evaporation sources, with source control for rate and layer thickness using quartz and optical monitoring.

In combination with Advanced Process Control techniques for control of stress, temperature distribution or optical characteristics during coating itself, Evatec evaporation sources enable the precise deposition of metals , dielectrics and TCOs for a wide range of applications including Power Devices, Wireless, LED, MEMS and Photonics.

Thermal Sources

Boats, filament sources and high capacity barrel sources for thick layers of hundreds of nanometers.

Electron Beam Evaporation

  • The EBS400 system using ESQ110A / 113A bodies with longitudinal beam sweep
  • The EBSS500 system with ESQ200 series guns and full digital beam sweep wit single, multi pocket and extended capacity crucibles for thicker layers.
  • Custom e gun sources with crucible turret systems for special applications and extended product times between source maintenance.

Click here to read more about our electron beam gun and process control technologies.

Effusion Cell Technology

High stability “Effusion sources” are available for custom applications for high temperatures and low vapour pressure materials or where special low doping rates are required in co-deposition applications.

Plasma Ion Assisted Evaporation (PIAD)

Evatec plasma source technologies deliver lower process temperatures, shorter process times and enhanced film properties for applications in high precision optics and optoelectronics.

Choose your process platform

The BAK Evaporator is available in standard, "lift off " or split chamber geometries. The latest generation of Autoload enables cassette to cassette handling for substrate sizes up to 8 inch. To read about the full range of source and control technologies in our BAK Evaoporator view the BAK Family brochure online or click here to download it.

For custom applications, the RADIANCE sputter cluster can also now be fitted with an evaporation module.

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