Electron beam gun technology

Tried and tested e gun technology for optical quality dielectrics, high rate metallization and TCOs available on new platforms or for retrofit.

ESQ Capabilities on the BAK Evaporator

  • ESQ100 or ESQ200 series gun bodies with longitudinal or full digital beam sweep
  • Custom source designs for larger crucibles and up to 60 pockets
  • Process control with quartz & optical monitoring
  • Codeposition management control using Evatec;s enhanced QCM500 control technology for simultaneous management of 4 quartz monitoring heads
  • PIAD with reliable, low maintenance source technologies for films with stable optical and environmental properties


Our ESQ212 series gun bodies are designed for high rate deposition in demanding production environments and are driven by the latest EEC500 control unit and EHV500 10KV solid state power supply.

With full two dimensional digital beam sweep and the power to control dwell times, speed and focus they offer supreme process control possibilities for even the most sensitive of materials. Backed by Evatec process knowhow, crucibles can be custom configured with pocket size and quantity to meet customers individual need. For applications demanding the highest material purities, Evatec offers special variants with moving covers.

EBS technology cuts your process costs

Unicalc simulation technology for shaper optimisation in conjunction with Evatec's EBS technology can be used to reduce precious metals consumption or increase deposition rates and throughputs for evaporation processes across the BAK platform range.

ESQ100 technology still going strong

The ESQ100 series gun which remains in common use continues to be supported, via Evatec’s new Khan controller and EHV 500.

To read more about the full range of source and layer control technologies available for the BAK platform visit our BAK pages or view the brochure online below. For information about upgrading your existing BAK with new E Gun or our Khan control technology click here