Sputter Technology

Sputter Technology

Evatec proprietary cathode technologies and platforms are designed for high rates and long target lifetimes in mass production for the lowest cost of ownership.

We offers vertical and horizontal sputter solutions according to substrate format, process and throughput across our core markets

Horizontal Sputter

We deliver complete process solutions- from the deposition of high quality AlN layers in Wireless Communication and LED, to the deposition of complex optical stacks for high throughput Wafer Level Optics ( WLO) , and the deposition of metal layers for wafer level EMI shielding or PCB seeding . Sputter cathode technologies on RADIANCE, CLUSTERLINE , SOLARIS and PNL platforms support substrate formats up to a maximums of 200mm, 300mm , 380mm and 550mm respectively.

  • High rate DC, DC Pulsed, DC/RF sources with optional bias
  • "Multi" sputter technology with up to 4 sources for co-deposition of alloys and compounds
  • Proprietary source technologies including "Penta Plus" available on SOLARIS for outstanding step coverage
  • Highly Ionised Sputter ( HIS) technology for TSV processes
  • Integration of Advanced Process Control technologies including plasma emission monitoring (PEM) and optical monitoring technologies for process control
  • Cassette to cassette handling

Vertical Sputter

Available on the LLS EVO II and MSP platforms, rectangular cathode technology enables efficient mass production of TCOs, metals, dielectrics and aligned magnetic films on substrate sizes up to a maximum of 380X560mm

  • Simple exchange between substrate sizes for rapid changes in production requirements
  • Proprietary technologies with enhanced target lifetimes and reduced materials consumption for reduced cost of ownership
  • Manual or automated handling

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If you would like to know more about our know how in sputter processes and identify the right platform for you please contact your local sales & service representative.