Power Devices

Power Devices

Choose from evaporation or sputter for high rate metallization processes in manufacture of MOSFETs, IGBTs IGCTs, LDMOS and Wide Band Gap (WBG) Power Devices. Benefit from Evatec's long experience in Power Device applications to increase your throughput and yields and drive down your production costs.

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The Evatec Power Device process portfolio

Front and Back Metals
Evatec's planetary handling and flip systems offer cost effective deposition of thick front side aluminium or rear side contact stacks in single or double sided processes on the BAK Evaporator. Quartz chopper and enhanced quartz control capabilities deliver secure processing for high value precious metals processing at reduced materials consumption, while our family of CLUSTERLINE® platforms add completely automated handling capabilities for enhanced quality and increased throughput. In ultra high throughput applications for thick front metal or selected double sided processes SOLARIS® benefits from its "inline" architecture to deliver excellent repeatability and best cost of ownership.

Advanced Processes including Thin Wafer Handling and WBG Technology
Proven handling capabilities on CLUSTERLINE® enable secure, direct thin wafer processing for 200mm wafers down 70 microns and 300mm wafers down to 300 microns for defect free metallization processes. Advanced backside processes offer possibilities for in situ pre etch with control of stress and temperature management for high quality ohmic contact formation without wafer bow or warp. For GaN on Si applications, Evatec's AlN PVD process technology enables cost effective deposition of intermediate buffer layers.

The Evatec Power Devices tool portfolio

Find out more about the BAK batch Evaporator, the CLUSTERLINE® cluster platforms, or SOLARIS® inline solutions by clicking on the links below.

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